About Ronen Brown

Ronen Brown is a successful businessman, network marketing


professional and natural health enthusiast. He is passionate

about helping motivated people live healthier lives

and experience the financial freedom they deserve.

His wife, Alexandra, is a student of natural healing techniques. She holds a Third Degree Black Belt in Pa-Kua Martial Art and has taught hundreds of students all over the world. She has a passion for helping
people discover their purpose in life and realize their full potential.

Together, they work to help others experience optimal wellness, success and significance in their lives.

Ronen and Alexandra live in a quiet neighborhood in Southern California. They work from home and enjoy walking, healthy cooking, entertaining and living life to the Max!


To contact Ronen and Alexandra Brown:

Phone: 323-658-8769

Email: MaxTeamVision@gmail.com

Skype: Ron90048

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